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Foundations for Global Water Security and Resilience: Knowledge, Technology and Policy

Number of abstracts: 87
1. Sharing InformationTowards an index with artificial intelligence to evaluate vulnerability to climate change in micro-watersheds in ColombiaVIVIANA VARGAS-FRANCO PDF PDF
1. Sharing InformationWhat is the role of big data in water-related disaster mitigation?JONGHUN KAM - POSTECH PDF PDF
1. Sharing InformationInitiative development of UNESCO certification on tap water management and qualitySEOK GWANSOO, CHOI WONJOONG1 PDF PDF
1. Sharing InformationToward Understanding the Convergence of Researcher and Stakeholder Perspectives 1 related to Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Challenges: The Case of San Antonio, TexasBASSEL DAHER, KENT PORTNEY, RABI MOHTAR, BRYCE HANNIBAL PDF PDF
1. Sharing InformationSpecial Session: Train, retrain, retain: building capacities of professionals to improve water managementHost : International Network of Water Training Centers (INWTC), Korea Water Forum (KWF), Québec Eau Water Training Center, Canada PDF PDF
3. SDG OutcomesPractical and institutional challenges to achieving improved water, sanitation and hygiene services for sub-Saharan AfricaEMMANUEL M. AKPABIO, JOHN ROWAN PDF
3. SDG OutcomesSpecial Session: Collective action to achieve Water Security for Peace and Development for the 9th World Water ForumHost : World Water Council PDF
3. SDG OutcomesSpecial Session: Listening to national water leaders: launch of the first Global Water Policy ReportHost : Water Policy Group PDF
A. Resilient SystemsDrinking water, the emergence of a sustainable resource in the energy and climate transition of Bordeaux MetropoleGUY TAPIE, GUY TAPIE, JULIA BARRAULT, LAURA BROWN PDF
A. Resilient SystemsBituminous geomembrane, the blueprint to safe water resourcesPAU LLINAS, BERTRAND BREUL, BERNARD BREUL PDF PDF
A. Resilient SystemsWater balance-based tool for drought proofing agricultural watershedsMOHAMMAD FAIZ ALAM, SUDHARSHAN M, ALOK SIKKA, SHILP VERMA, GIRESH MOHAN, VIJAY VARDHAN VASIREDDY, UPALI AMARASINGHE PDF
A. Resilient SystemsImplementation of drainage network layout as a flood mitigation measure: A case study in Seoul, South KoreaJUN SHIK HWANG, YONGWON SEO PDF PDF
A. Resilient SystemsManaging Water Scarcity: Integration of Supply- and Demand-side Options in Kaveri River BasinMANIKANTA P R, VIJAY SHANKAR P S PDF PDF
A. Resilient SystemsApplication of Deep Learning and Soft Computing Methods for Prediction of Sediment Load in Reservoirs Owing to Climate ChangeMUHAMMAD BILAL IDREES, MUHAMMAD JEHANZAIB, JAE HEE RYU, TAE-WOONG KIM PDF PDF
A. Resilient SystemsDevelopment and application of Water Security Assessment FrameworkSUDHARSAN MALAIAPPAN, UPALI AMARASINGHE, ALOK SIKKA, VIJAY VARDHAN, GIRESH MOHAN, MUHAMMAD FAIZ ALAM1 PDF PDF
A. Resilient SystemsRegional Drought Risk Assessment Using a Gaussian Mixture ModelJIEUN KIM, JI YEON PARK, GUN HUI CHUNG, TAE-WOONG KIM PDF PDF
A. Resilient SystemsDevelopment of Measured data Based Nomograph for Flood Warning SystemTAE SUNG CHEONG (NDMI) PDF PDF
A. Resilient SystemsApplication of the artificial neural network to regional frequency analysis for estimating rainfall quantiles at ungauged sitesJOOHYUNG LEE, JOOHYUNG LEE, HANBEEN KIM, TAEREEM KIM, JUN-HAENG HEO PDF PDF
A. Resilient SystemsDeveloping an integrated urban inundation flood model for extreme rainfall events for Metro Manila, PhilippinesLEA DASALLAS, HYUNUK AN PDF PDF
A. Resilient SystemsTechnology development for optimal operation of groundwater using existing wells to cope with droughtAMOS AGOSSOU, JAEBAUM LEE, JEONG_SEOK YANG PDF PDF
A. Resilient SystemsRainwater Harvesting as a Resilient Approach to Mitigate Water Crisis ProblemM. RAFIQUL ISLAM PDF PDF
A. Resilient SystemsCan Disaster Adaptive Strategy Reduce Disaster Risks?: Lessons Learnt from Flood-Prone Area as Cases of 1913 and 2017 in Sri LankaRYO TSUCHIDA, KAORU TAKARA PDF
A. Resilient SystemsTrend and Variability in Groundwater Level and Quality over South Korea (2009-2020)ANQI LIU, JONGHUN KAM PDF
A. Resilient SystemsClimate teleconnection and predictability over Midlatitude PrecipitationJAI HONG LEE PDF
A. Resilient SystemsEnhancing Well Water Safety through University and Health Department PartnershipYILIN ZHUANG PDF PDF
A. Resilient SystemsRole of Runoff Ratio in the Sensitivity of StreamflowBYEONG-HEE KIM, JONGHUN KAM PDF PDF
A. Resilient SystemsSpecial Session: Uncertainty of water demand and supply in a changing environmentHost : Seoul National University of Science and Technology PDF
A. Resilient SystemsApplication of Remote Sensing on Spatial-temporal Analysis of Soil Erosion Due to Land Use and Cover Changes: A Case Study in Yongdam Basin, South Korea.LINH NGUYEN VAN, GIHA LEE, MINHO YEON PDF
A. Resilient SystemsSpecial Session: Blue cities: enhancing water security and building resilient citiesHost : OECD PDF
A. Resilient SystemsPreventing the Rising Tide of AMR: Utilising MOFs to Remove Antibiotics from WastewaterAOIFE QUINLIVAN PDF PDF
A. Resilient SystemsSpecial Session: Water security: groundwater management and governanceHost : UNESCO i-WSSM, UNESCO i-WSSM PDF
B. Maximising BenefitsAssessing the ecological restoration value of brackish water zone in Republic of KoreaHYOYEON CHOI, MUNHYUN RYU PDF PDF
B. Maximising BenefitsDemocratic Transition and the End of Water Pricing in Korean Agriculture in Comparative PerspectiveJAMES NICKUM PDF
B. Maximising BenefitsLessons from Water and Sanitation Policy and Plan Development in Pacific Island CountriesIAN WHITE, TONY FALKLAND PDF PDF
B. Maximising BenefitsThe Damage Cost Estimation of Agricultural Drought using Reservoir Drought IndexJINUK KIM, JIWAN LEE, SEHOON KIM, SEONGJOON KIM PDF
B. Maximising BenefitsSpecial Session: Sustainable Management of Water Resources in China: Innovation and ApplicationHost : IWRA China Chapter, IWRA China Chapter PDF
B. Maximising BenefitsSpecial Session: IWRA Investing in Young Water Professionals – Towards Youth EmpowermentHost : IWRA PDF
B. Maximising BenefitsSpecial Session: World Water Envoys WorkshopHost : IWRA PDF
C. Smart WaterSeawater supply network in coastal citiesPEDRO PIGNATELLI PDF
C. Smart WaterModelling choices and social interactions with a public good threshold: Investment decisions in a polder in BangladeshSTIJN REINHARD, MARIA NARANJO PDF
C. Smart WaterThe Control of Pathogens in Stored Rainwater using Direct Electrochemical ActivationGILLIAN CLAYTON, BETHANY FOX, ROBIN THORN, DARREN REYNOLDS PDF PDF
C. Smart WaterVerification of Flow Analysis Model for Tracking Sources of Water Chemical AccidentsTAE SOO EUM, EUN TAEK SHIN, CHANG GEUN SONG PDF
C. Smart WaterDevelopment of Two-Dimensional River Flow Analysis Model Using Godunov's Scheme and TVD LimiterEUNTAEK SHIN, TAE SOO EUM, CHANG GEUN SONG PDF PDF
C. Smart WaterSpecial Session: Groundwater management for land subsidence in an urban contextHost : UNESCO PDF
C. Smart WaterSpecial Session: Urban water cycle and intelligent technologies: Danish experiences PDF
C. Smart WaterSpecial Session: Initiative on Global Standard Frameworks and Certification Schemes Applicable to Smart Water CitiesHost : IWRA, K-water Research Institute, Asia Water Council (AWC) PDF
C. Smart WaterSpecial Session: Transforming smallholder irrigation into profitable and self-sustaining systems in southern Africa.Host : UniSA PDF
C. Smart WaterSpecial Session: Innovative technologies for alternative water resourcesHost : Kyungpook National University PDF
D. Healthy WatersAnticipatory Water Security Governance: Emerging Challenges in Himalayan and Andean Headwaters Basins PDF
D. Healthy WatersToward a better estimation of catchment-wise evapotranspirationKYUNGROCK PAIK, YIN SAN WOO, KWANGHUN CHOI, SANGHYUN YOO PDF
D. Healthy WatersUsing a mixed method approach to determine the multiple benefits provided by Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems PDF PDF
D. Healthy WatersAntibiotic Resistant Genes and Integrons: A potential threat to the Ganga river ecosystem, IndiaMOUSHUMI HAZRA, NIDHI JOSHI, HIMANSHU JOSHI PDF PDF
D. Healthy WatersLiving in a watershed: the role of traditional and local practicesYINGSHAN LAU PDF PDF
D. Healthy WatersWater level prediction using LSTM and GRU for data-scarce areasKOLA YUSUFF KAREEM, YOUNGHUN JUNG PDF PDF
D. Healthy WatersProvisioning of water ecosystem services in Kapingazi catchment, Embu County, Kenya. Can prospects of willingness to pay improve water quality and quantity within the catchment?BURNICE KARIMI IRERI, PAUL MAKENZI, STANLEY MAKINDI, PETER MINANG PDF PDF
D. Healthy WatersEstimation of environmental flows from an ecological engineering perspectiveSUNG-UK CHOI PDF
D. Healthy WatersSustainability of water consumption in global watersheds - current state and the effects of virtual water tradeMASAHARU MOTOSHITA, STEPHAN PFISTER, MATTHIAS FINKBEINER PDF PDF
D. Healthy WatersBarrage and dam operations, irrigation systems, and ecological flows in the Ganga and Indus basins, India: trade-offs and opportunitiesJAGDISH KRISHNASWAMY, SUNIL KUMAR CHOUDHARY, SUBHASIS DEY, TARUN NAIR, NACHIKET KELKAR PDF
D. Healthy WatersEnhancement of groundwater contamination-vulnerability assessment using DLNN method combined with optimized original DRASTIC methodsSANG YONG CHUNG, HUSSAM ELDIN ELZAIN PDF PDF
D. Healthy WatersImprovement deionization efficiency of CDI system using highly dispersible rGO based electrodeJUNHO LEE, CHAEHWI LIM, HOMIN KYE, SEONGHYEON JU, JIYOON KIM, YEOJOON YOON PDF
D. Healthy WatersAssessment of Future Climate Change Impact on Groundwater Level using SWAT-MODFLOW in Geum River Basin of South KoreaWONJIN JANG, JIWAN LEE, YONGGWAN LEE, SEONGJOON KIM PDF PDF
D. Healthy WatersDynamics of water quality and algal blooms in the regulated Geum River, KoreaJAEYOUNG KIM, YOO-EUN KANG, DONGIL SEO PDF PDF
D. Healthy WatersEvaluation of Stream Flow and Water Quality Impact of Yeongsan River Basin by Inter-Basin Water Transfer using SWATYONGWON KIM, JIWAN LEE, SOYOUNG WOO, SEONGJOON KIM PDF PDF
D. Healthy WatersUsing a novel in situ fluorescence sensor to monitor biological contamination in the Hooghly River, Kolkata, India.BETHANY FOX, ROBIN THORN, TAPAN DUTTA, JOHN ATTRIDGE, DARREN REYNOLDS PDF PDF
D. Healthy WatersRice Paddy Ecosystem Services for Climate Change using Land Use and Climate Change ScenarioSOOJEONG MYEONG, SUN HEA HONG PDF PDF
D. Healthy WatersClimate change and its impacts on the Ecosystem servicesSHIKSHA BASTOLA, YOUNGHUN JUNG PDF PDF
D. Healthy WatersSpecial Session: The world’s biggest river health initiative? Insights on large-scale ecosystem restoration, water security and resilience from the Yangtze River, ChinaHost : WWF *, GIWP PDF
D. Healthy WatersSpecial Session: Large-scale fluvial hydraulics experimentsHost : Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology PDF
D. Healthy WatersClimate Change Impact Assessment for Small Basins with 10-min Precipitation.KIYOUNG SEONG, YUJIN AHN, TAEGYU HA, TAESAM LEE PDF PDF
D. Healthy WatersSpecial Session: The Economics of Water QualityHost : World Bank Group, World Bank Group PDF
D. Healthy WatersSpecial Session: Ecosystem-based Adaptation in the basins of lakes, rivers and aquifers: when green & grey makes… blue!Host : Global Alliances for Water and Climate (GAfWaC), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Ministry of Environment of South Korea PDF
D. Healthy WatersSpecial Session: Freshwater Cyanobacteria Harmful Algal Blooms: Human drivers and climate changeHost : Chungnam National University *, UNESCO PDF
E. Development PathwaysDefining Effective Transboundary Water CooperationMELISSA MCCRACKEN PDF PDF
E. Development PathwaysLinking Community Engagement to Transboundary Water ManagementEMILY ZMAK - CDR Associates PDF PDF
E. Development PathwaysEstimating the impacts of climate change and human activity on streamflow variability in Han River basin, South KoreaSABAB ALI SHAH, MUHAMMAD JEHANZAIB, DONGWOOK KIM, TAE-WOONG KIM PDF PDF
E. Development PathwaysConnecting the dots between law and transboundary water management: can international law accommodate the dynamics between investment, environmental protection and human rights in hydropower projects in the Lower Mekong River Basin?LAURE-ELISE MAYARD PDF PDF
E. Development PathwaysBias Correction of Daily Satellite-Based Precipitation Data Using the Convolutional Neural Network ModelXUAN HIEN LE, GIHA LEE PDF PDF
E. Development PathwaysRegional pathways out of national water scarcity: a regional analysis of water resources of Israel, The Palestinian Authority and JordanMICHAEL GILMONT, SHADDAD ATTILI, SULEIMAN HALASAH, DEBORAH SANDLER, JIM HALL PDF PDF
E. Development PathwaysMerging Multiple Satellite Precipitation Products in Korea by using Random Forest ModelGIANG NGUYEN, GIHA LEE, SUNGHO JUNG PDF PDF
E. Development PathwaysThree-dimensional Perspective Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Drought Characteristics for Developing a Drought Risk MapJIYOUNG YOO, BYUNG-JIN SO, HYUN-HAN KWON, TAE-WOONG KIM PDF PDF
E. Development PathwaysJoint mechanism on a transboundary aquifer: a key for a successful cooperationRAYA MARINA STEPHAN PDF PDF
E. Development PathwaysDeveloping a Non-stationary Drought Index Using a Generalized Additive Model for Drought Risk AssessmentMUHAMMAD JEHANZAIB, MUHAMMAD BILAL IDREES, JOO-HEON LEE, TAE-WOONG KIM PDF PDF
E. Development PathwaysSpecial Session: An Integrated Approach to the Governance of Shared Watercourses in AfricaHost : University of Aberdeen *, University of Aberdeen PDF
E. Development PathwaysSpecial Session: Ensuring benefit sharing and joint management of dams: the role of international water lawHost : International Association for Water Law/Geneva Water Hub/University of Geneva/IUCN PDF
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