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Agricultural Practices by Enhanced Water Quality through Iron-Based (Ferrate) Technology: Improved Population Health

IWRA 2021 Online Conference One Water, One Health
Theme 3: What opportunities lie in the improved cooperation between water, food, and public health sectors?
Author(s): Virender Sharma - Texas A&M University, School of Public Health

Virender Sharma

Program for the Environment and Sustainability
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health,
School of Public Health, Texas A&M University,
College Station, Texas 77843, USA



Society is facing several challenges in agricultural field, microbial pathogens, and chemical toxicants. Examples include presence of Escherichia coli and pesticides in agricultural related to fertilizers and water used in growing crop. Fertilizers generally come from sludge and many instances it is not treated before applying to agricultural field that results in microbial pathogens in soil. Pesticides are retailed in crops that ultimately reach to the population. Consumption of vegetables and fruits lead to diseases. Technologies to address challenges in producing safe food may need innovative approaches to grow crop. Ferrate is an earth abundant iron-based molecule and its use in the plus 6-oxidation state (i.e., it is depleted of its electrons, hence extremely efficient in purifying sludge and water as well as potential as alternate pesticide can address many challenges in agricultural practices. The presentation will give many examples to demonstrate role of innovative ferrate technology that can produce safer food in order to improve public health

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