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Ss18 Scene-setting: A New Reading Of Water Governance Through The Lens Of Actors, Institutions, And Scale

World Water Congress 2015 Edinburgh Scotland
Special session 18: Scene-setting
Author(s): Naho Mirumachi
Andrea Gerlak
Naho Mirumachi
Department of Geography,
King􀍛s College London Naho
Andrea Gerlak
International Studies Association & Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy,
The University of Arizona, U.S



Format of session

Scene-setting: A new reading of water governance through the lens of actors, scale, institutions and knowledge: Naho Mirumachi & Andrea Gerlak
Actors: why power matters and how we understand it in water governance: Bob Varady
Institutions: To what extent do institutions matter for water governance in evolving contexts of water allocation and use?: Christina Cook
Scale: Multiscalar or transcalar? Issues of scale in water governance: Jeroen Warner
Q&A/open discussion
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