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IWRA World Water Congress 2003 Madrid Spain
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Author(s): Maria Gabriela MAÑUECO PFEIFFER
Francisco José HIJÓS BITRIAN

Mª Gabriela MAÑUECO PFEIFFER1, Francisco José HIJÓS BITRIAN 2,

1 Intecsa-inarsa,s.a.,

2 Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro,



Located on the river Gállego (Spain) with a 192 hm3 capacity, the Biscarrués reservoir design calls for strategies directed towards reducing its considerable impacts and endeavouring to achieve a land pact which will contribute to laying the foundations for collaboration and negotiation between the population affected and institutions. It is therefore necessary to undertake both actions and land development in reservoir affected areas and strengthen the positive aspects regulation provides for the region. The target proposed is a dual one; on the one hand, to achieve effective collaboration between the population affected and institutions and, on the other, to undertake economic and social development actions in the surroundings of Biscarrués reservoir which will contribute towards achieving a positive effect and drive economic and social life forward, as well as to address environmental regeneration actions. Part of the actions involved have therefore been extended to the whole of the Gállego catchment area and the surroundings of the district where the reservoir is located, La Galliguera, with the purpose of improving the regional structure and conditions of its inhabitants’ standard and quality of living. Nevertheless, undertaking the Plan itself should generate further actions deriving from the interaction between the population affected and representatives of the various institutions.

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