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Special Session: World Water Envoys Workshop

IWRA 2021 World Water Congress in Daegu, Korea (29 November - 3 December 2021)
B. Maximising Benefits
Author(s): Host : IWRA

Host : IWRA *, IWRA


  • Maria Almonte(World Water Envoy, Dominican Republic)
  • Bayan Khalaf(World Water Envoy, Palestine)
  • Georgina Mukwirimba(World Water Envoy, Zimbabwe)
  • Pallavi Pokharel(World Water Envoy, Nepal)
  • Deepesh Jain(World Water Envoy, India)



We know water security can be endangered in many ways: water scarcity, natural hazards, conflicts, contaminants… the challenges and priorities are multiple, complex and diverse. That is why for this Congress, IWRA wanted to hear some different voices and stories from around the world, from representatives of the next generations to showcase the issues they face when it comes to Water Security during the next XVII World Water Congress. Selected representatives are called “World Water Envoys”. The five World Water Envoys were selected among more than a hundred applications from all around the world, to talk about one particular water security challenge faced in their community and the impacts that the challenge has on every day life: access to water, groundwater pollution, lack of sanitation, etc. After being introduced briefly at the opening ceremony, the Envoys will have the
opportunity to go into more details about their water security challenges, during this special session.


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