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Special Session: Collective action to achieve Water Security for Peace and Development for the 9th World Water Forum

IWRA 2021 World Water Congress in Daegu, Korea (29 November - 3 December 2021)
3. SDG Outcomes
Author(s): Host : World Water Council

Host : World Water Council *

Patrick Lavard(9th Forum Co-Chair - WWC, France)
Abdoulaye Sene(9th Forum Co-Chair- Executive Secretariat, Senegal)



Host : World Water Council *
Patrick Lavard(9th Forum Co-Chair - WWC, France)
Abdoulaye Sene(9th Forum Co-Chair- Executive Secretariat, Senegal)



1) Short Description
In an effort to innovate, the 9th World Water Forum will follow a different path from the previous editions. Indeed, the 9th World Water Forum Framework has been developed around four “Priorities” – Water Security, Rural Development, Cooperation, Means and Tools - and will strive to move directly towards actionable “outcomes.” This will allow the creation of a series of activities aimed at achieving concrete change collectively, in line with Agenda 2030.
The special session will discuss the progress of the activities of each Priority In particular, participants will be given the opportunity to share their knowledge gained from the XVII World Water Congress week and to contribute to the preparation of the 9th World Water Forum.
The meeting will gather representatives leading each of the four Forum Priorities with other interested stakeholders through roundtables discussions, to discuss the status of the activities and the Framework
and identify the steps needed to achieve the final outcomes.

2) Objectives and projected outcomes
This session aims to:

  • Inform participants about the 9th World Water Forum preparation and how they can participate;
  • Provide a platform for all stakeholders to engage, exchange, learn together, and catalyse concrete ideas for the development of the Forum’s Priorities;
  • Create an occasion for Forum’s actors to discuss and to receive constructive suggestions and move their work forward;
  • Discover synergies with the 2030 Development Agenda and other global processes, particularly the Sustainable Development Goals, where appropriate;
  • Identify and mobilize relevant stakeholders and experts to participate in discussions, and build together concrete actions;
  • Identify and integrate the IWRA Congress outcomes within the World Water Forum content development.

3) Justifications
Since the World Water Congress will take place few months before the Forum, the special session aims to share the progress of the Preparation Process and to offer the opportunity to all interested stakeholders to contribute to the Forum’s further development, in particular to the ordinary sessions planning. The logistical arrangements of the Forum will also be shared together with the cultural activities and other segments.

4) Alignment with Congress
The session will be in line with the essential objectives of the World Water Congress and address most off the issues of the main Themes. In particular, the session’s structure and content will facilitate the debate and interface between stakeholders from different horizons, to catalyse technical and policy related collective action to achieve concrete outcomes for water security and for improved water resources management and development.


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