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Optimization model for water quality management of Elsalam canal

Congress: 2008
Dr. Noha Donia Assistant Professor, Env. Eng, Dep., Ain Shams University

Keyword(s): Optimization Model, Water Quality, water allocation, El Salam canal
AbstractDrainage water reuse in Egypt represents a major potential water source for expanding the cultivated are in the near future. El Salam canal is one of the major projects that divert considerable amounts of drainage water after being blended. It derives its water from three drains (Faraskour, El Serw, and Bahr Hadus Drains) and Damietta branch with just about equal amounts. In this study, an optimization model was constructed to achieve better quality of water at the canal downstream. The optimization scenarios were designed based upon varying water allocations from the different point sources or treatment of theses sources before discharging into the canal in order to satisfy the Egyptian water quality standards. Based upon the results of optimization model, it is concluded that the most suitable scenarios for better water quality in the canal reaches are to discard the input from Hadus Drain or to use Bahr Hadus drain with 50% treatment (i.e. 50% reduction in its pollutant load).
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