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A Settlement Has Historical Importance Of Thermal Water In Turkey

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Derya Altunbas
AUTHOR: Dr.Derya Altunbas INSTITUTION: Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University ADRESS: COMU Biga IIBF Agakoy Campus 17200/ Turkey Tel and Fax: 90 286 335 8738 and 90 286 335 8736 E MAIL:,
AbstractThermal water has important role for settlement since ancient times for Bursa. According to Plinus, city was structured in 185 B.C. between Nilufer river and Uludag mountain by Prusias that was King of Bithinia. Thermal water played an important role for settlement structure. After Ottoman, it is used for the heating of the rooms of poor people for public aim at ‘imaret’ that was food given in 1370 at Cekirge district of Bursa. It was built by I. Murat Hudavendigar that is Sultan of Ottoman. In Byzantian era, Bursa was decleared as a capital city of Ottomans. Turkish Baths was constructed in the city for public use.In Kukurtlu district there are large baths and also in Cekirge. On the other hand it was used in the houses and little baths. For Bursa, thermal water planning wasn’t prepared for a long time. We can see conservation policy for the thermal water planning and land planning had been continued from1978 until 1990. Today, thermal water areas and nearest environment have some buildings on it. At the same time there are some houses that preserved like past times also resting houses in Bursa. Policy of distribution of thermal water wasn’t changed from Ottoman times until today, also. Population and economic conditions have changed but thermal water supply didn’t changed and importance of it for this city. By the Foundation thermal water is distributed by ‘masura’ scale, when we analyze we can find Turkish baths and some old houses that was thermal water reached. Today, these houses turned to resting houses or little hotels. Some others has been changed to modern Hotels. In Turkish Law each kind of water is controlled by MTA that is an institution belongs to Turkish Republic. Health and tourism buildings are constructed according to the plan and water sources is rented to the owners of the land in it. Today, 80% the units of resting for tourism buildings is in this district. It wasn’t changed importance of thermal water until today.
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