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Urban Flooding in Tallinn, Estonia

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Anna Pyrh

Keyword(s): Urban flooding, climate change, natural and human impact
AbstractCommercial use of flood plain is a main reason for growing flood damage. Obviously, lower location of city buildings and commercial sites economically more reasonable. In this case smaller investment are needed for building hydro technical structures, lower pressure is needed for water supply for domestic and commercial use, many businesses like ports is less expensive to run. That is why many flood plain naturally design for passing high water still developed, that brings a risk flooding and consequently, the risk for human health and life and capital investments. The study area is the river Pirita is situated in capital Tallinn. The river discharged to the Gulf of Finland. The area is under influence of natural and human impact. Lowering and rising of the water level by the effect of wind are depended on the river mouth. Due to intensive economical growth in Estonia this area was widely developed and strongly builds up since year 2000. This work focuses on analysis of long-term maximum water level. As a result of the study, quantitative assessment of long-term water level of 1% probability, trends and hydrological cycles variability of maximum water level was done. Moreover, the analysis of precipitation, temperature over the study area was estimated. Analysis of cycles showed the increase of maximum water level for the foresee period, which can lead to hazard, especially with positive trend for precipitation and raising temperature. According to such forecast the actions will be needed to protect the urban area against flooding.
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