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Research on Urban Water Environment Regulation Application Based on GIS

Congress: 2008
Dr.Wang Haofang(1970-) Instructor. School of Civil Engineering Shandong University Main Research Aspect: Water Resources System programming and Management, Water Environment. No.73,Jingshi Road,Jinan,250061,China Tel.0531- 88392840 E-mail:

Keyword(s): Drawing water; river-net; environment capacity; coupling model
AbstractAbstract: Based on the geography and regulating information provided by GIS (geographical information system) and at the base of making use of the maximum water environment capacity, the water environment improving model was set up and applied into practical engineering controlling in urban river-net system. The water environment changing trends and rules of main sight river was modeling reasonably under all kinds of water-drawing schemes. In the process of calculation the complete converse inherent format was taken at the same time the equilibrium connection of node density and boundary density calculating were also improved. In connection with water quantity model the coupling associated model was applied into strobe running process regulation. It was indicated that urban water environment was improved in maximum degree and the environment capacity reallocation in time and space were realized through operating drawing water project from Yangtze river.
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