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Water resources reasonable allocation and carrying capacity analysis based on usable water resources

Congress: 2008
Dr.Wang Haofang(1970-) Instructor. School of Civil Engineering Shandong University Main Research Aspect: Water Resources System programming and Management, Water Environment. No.73,Jingshi Road,Jinan,250061,China Tel.0531- 88392840 E-mail:

Keyword(s): usable water resources; Water resources reasonable allocation; carrying capacity analysis
AbstractAbstract: on the base of expatiating on usable water resources concept, it is put forward that usable water resources is the basis of water resources reasonable allocation and carrying capacity analysis, and usable water resources calculation method is introduced. On this basis, the multi-objective reasonable allocation model is established based on water quantity and quality. Then making use of this model, usable water resources can be allocated reasonably among water use departments. Thus according to water use situation of each water use department in design standard year design, water resources carrying capacity is analyzed by maximal GDP. Lastly, take the case of Shandong province, through Shandong province’s usable water resources calculation, water resources reasonable allocation and carrying capacity analysis, industry structure that is helpful to water resources sustainable utilization and society economy sustainable development is brought forward.
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