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Water and Food Security in India by 2020.

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Dr.P.S.Navaraj
Reader Advanced Research Centre in Zoology Yadava College Madurai India. 625014

Keyword(s): Food, Water , Rainfall, Rainfed agri, Irrigated agri.
AbstractIndia is one of the populous country in the world. India is diversified in culture and resources. Water is one of the resource, which is unequally distributed in the length and breadth of the country. Food security is the need of the population. Food security is depending on the water sources. But the water sources are declining in India since 2000 due to various reasons such as Poor rainfall, climatic condition, industrialization, over populat ion etc. The demand of water for agriculture is more when compared to industry and other domestic purposes. The available water is not enough to meet the demand of agriculture. Many times the crops failed for want of water. The rice bowls of India Punjab, Andhra and Tamilnadu totally routed in the last five years due to bad monsoon interms of untiming , delay and non availablity. Food grown level shows a declining trend in all item The demand of these food items are gaining momentum for the past five years. This indicates a wide gap between demand and supply . Hence the economics of food would in peril unless and until a clear manage ment is being set to correct the shortage of water sources by the state and central government. The rainfed agriculture is totally collapsed due to failing monsoon every year. The irrigated agricultu re is also shown a downtrend due to non storage of water. Hence the policy makers and administrators should take a right step to solve this problem. The data obtained through this study indicated a heavy down fall in food production. There is close correlation between food shortage and water shortage. There is a very significant information that the people living below poverty line increases as the water source is becoming drier.
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