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Ground Water Management in Tamilnadu

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Dr.P.S.Navaraj
Reader Advanced Research Centre in Zoology Yadava College Madurai Tamilnadu India.

Keyword(s): Key words: Urban, Rural , Management, Diseases, Local Bodies
AbstractThe Ground water is the important source of water bodies in Taminadu, India. Since 1995, the ground water table has started dimi nished due to poor rain, extreme temperature , poll ution abatment etc. The study conducted from 2001- 2006 in the Ground water level of Tamilnadu illustr ated the downfall of ground water quantity but the demand of water is more interms of urbanization, population explosion and industrialization. The level showed a great decline in the urban areas that too in the industrialized areas when compared to rural and non industrialized areas. The diseases associated the decline of ground water level also indicated that most of the health problems occur due to poor ground water aswellas unhygienic water status. The women and children are mostly affected when compared to the man. The management of local bodies of urban limit and rural limit showed a wide variation interms of good healthy managment of water. Innovative management has been reported in the urban areas. People awareness and cooperation has been found more in the urban than in rural. The leaders of local administration in the urban areas more knowledgable in water management when compared to their counterpart in rural side. More awareness and training is required for rural administration.
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