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The League of Arab States policies to face the Arab Water Challenges

Congress: 2008
AbstractThe Water and Arab Water Security Studies Center is working within the framework of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States with the aim to achieve the targets of the Arab water security. The League of Arab States embarked on an ambitious program and took strategies to meet the challenges posed by the scarcity of water resources , climatic conditions ( the Arab countries are situated in an arid zone ) , over abstraction and salinisation of ground water , demographic impact , and especially challenges posed by Transboundary river basins and shared aquifers ( more than 65% of Arab water originate from the neighboring countries ) and the impact of political instability , and conflicts on water sector in Palestine , Iraq and other Arab countries . The aim of the paper is to focus on the strategies taken by the 22 Arab countries represented in the Water Security Studies Center ( League of Arab States ) to solve all these problems .
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