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A combined neural-wavelet model for prediction of Ligvanchai watershed precipitation

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Elnaz Sharghi

Keyword(s): precipitation modelling , artificial neural network , wavelet , Ligvanchai
Abstract Without a doubt the first step in any water resources management is the precipitation modeling over the related watershed. However considering high stochastic property of the process, many models are being still developed in order to define such a complex phenomenon in the field of hydrologic engineering. Recently Artificial Neural Network (ANN) as a non–linear inter-extrapolator is extensively used by hydrologists for rainfall modeling as well as other fields of hydrology. In the current research, the wavelet analysis was linked to the ANN concept for prediction of Ligvanchai watershed precipitation at Tabriz, Iran. For this purpose the main time series was decomposed to some multi-frequently time series by wavelet theory , then these time series were imposed as input data to the ANN to predict the precipitation one month ahead. The obtained results show the proposed model can predict both short and long term precipitation events because of using multi-scale time series as the ANN input layer.
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