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Mitigating Urban Flooding through Sustainable and Integrated Urban Drainage

Author(s): Financial and Urban Design Considerations
Congress: 2008
Author(s): Lara Yacob

AbstractFloods are an important contributor to biodiversity and ecosystem balance by providing habitat for fish and other wildlife. However, development has occurred in many of these naturally flood prone regions which tend to be urban environments in coastal regions, putting people at risk and devastating the built environment. Climate change will continue to increase not only the frequency but severity of urban flood incidents. One approach is to examine urban drainage as a way to mitigate flooding. Most drainage solutions are not sustainable or integrated in their approach, namely combined sewer outflows and increasing costs of infrastructure. The paper examines what best practices exist that can have universal salience in mitigating urban floods through sustainable and integrated drainage. This paper focuses on how financial approaches such as taxation policy in combination with innovative urban design can be used alongside conventional approaches to urban drainage to mitigate urban flooding.
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