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Considerations on Environmental Policy Principles for Water Management under Global Climatic Changes

Congress: 2008

Keyword(s): Environmental Policy, Ethics, Climatic Changes, Consumption patterns
AbstractConsiderations on Environmental Policy Principles for Water Management under Global Climatic Changes Lysete S. Hernandez Abstract The current relationship between industrialized societies and nature is inverted. As a result, although global climatic changes are increasingly affecting different areas of both human life and nature order, the economical imperative of Rentability is still governing over social and environmental welfare. Serious alterations on the water cycle and water resources are expected but there is not a guideline yet, to build a new policy aimed to reestablish as a priority social and environmental welfare. Then, it is necessary to have an ecological theory which is capable of incorporate social, economical, and political approaches to scientific data within the environmental analysis, thus basis for an integral policy for ecologic management may be proposed. Mainly, a documentary research leads to the identification of one category to be the axis for the discussion in this paper. So, consumption of water resources is considered as: 1) who use it? (Different sectors such as industrial or domestic) and 2) how they use it? Finally, it is clear that a culture of responsibility may be encouraged by the civil society, promoting changes on consumption patterns, thus making them more ecologic. But, it is in the industries, big corporations and transnational business where, due its nature (Rentability over welfare), some other considerations have to be made. That is to say, considering the incompatibility between economic profitability and ethic-ecologic principles, it has to be considered the future of water management influenced by changing technological, social and economical circumstances.
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