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Analytical Model of Surge Flow in Non-prismatic Permeable Channels and Its Application in Arid Regions.

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Hamid Nouri
1-Dipl. Ing. Farnush Ghasempour , Member of Scientific Board, Kurdistan Univ., Iran & Ph.D. Candidate of Hydrology at Dresden Univ. of Technology, Germany. 2-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Gerd H. Schmitz, Applied Geology, Univ. of Tuebingen, Germany. 3-PD. Dr.

Keyword(s): Analytical Model,Surge Flow,Non-prismatic Permeable Channels,Arid Regions
AbstractSurge Flow Phenomena, e.g., as a consequence of a flash floods or water releasing in dry streams, represent free boundary problems. The Extending computational domain together with discontinuities involved renders their numerical solution a difficult procedure. This contribution propose an analytical solution to the problem. Its based on the modified Zero Inertia (ZI) differential equation for the non-prismatic permeable channels and uses exclusively Physical parameters and Infiltration Coeficients. Employing the concept of a momentum-representative cross section of the moving water body toghether with a specific relationship for describing the cross sectional geometry leads, after considerable mathematical calculus, to the analytical solution. The hydrodynamic analytical model is free of numerical troubles, easy to run, computationally efficient, and fully satisfies the law of volume conservation. Apart from treating surge flow phenomena as a whole, the analytical solution also offer a rigorous alternative to both (a) the approximate Whitham solution, for generating initial values, and (b) the rough volum balance techniques used to model the wave tip in numerical surge flow computations. The new approach is applied to simulate and compare 10 scenarios to manage artificial ground water recharge in 5 wadi channels downstream of Ahin Dam in Oman. Based on tested scenarios, infiltration rate of bad and suitable scenarios varies from 4 90 percent of total volume of released water in wadi channels.
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