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Climate change and land use drivers of catchment runoff and ecological implications

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Prof Jay O'Keeffe
Dr Nick Schofield is a senior consultant with SKM and and expert on land use and climate change. Prof Jay O'Keeffe is WWF and UNESCO professor of aquatic ecosystems and an expert on environmental flows.
AbstractClimate and land use change are the principal drivers of streamflow change in catchments. Climate change affects streamflow through changing CO2, temperature, rainfall, storms,droughts and fires. Land use change such as forestry, conversion to agriculture and urbanisation also affect streamflow. A catchment water balance model is combined with a critical science knowledge analysis to explain the cumulative and synergistic effects of both climate and land use change on stream flow to identify risks to water supply in Australia and South Africa. The potential ecological implications of these future scenarios are explored.
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