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introduce of watershed management as such the best method for water and soil conservation

Congress: 2008
Author(s): soroush fathi,foroud sharifi,zohre abdi
1- Islamic Azad University science and research branch –Tehran 2-A member of the academic staff of Islamic Azad University 3-Ph.d in water resource management, head of F.R.W.M ORG 4-Islamic Azad University science and research branch –Tehran

Keyword(s): watershed,watershed management,sustainable development
Abstractwater as an important element's in sustainable development countries,has a main and serious role and influence human existing. importance of water,soil and natural resources as a bed and element's of production,general admit in all of modern societies and under development countries ,but suitable figures of uses and good managing resources havenot similar in all over the wold. for make one position of different request and requires after second mid century(20)in modern countries had current new term that was "watershed management",because they wanted to make unit position of different requires and requests of economics and buildings,section for conservation water,soil and the other natural resources that basis on acceptable scienceand experiences. today's it become intricate science and tachnics watershed management or managing water and soil resources to revival ability to relief nature is one way for solvage of problems. watershed management conservation of soil and water resources good managing resources,sustainable planning use of land,make continum production and creation incom for aborigine region ,making job,currency, sustainable economics,political,social and cultural safty. another explanation of watershed management is managing a watershed basin and it is a physiological nature unit that people are living there. watershed management with different practices (mechanical,biological,biomecanical and managing)makes positive effective in conservation water,destraction jungles and pasture and agronomical yield. this article wants to introduce this new knowledge"watershed management" and particular practical this science and necessary spacious management with a case study and evaluation. *topic:6-3:water conservation technology
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