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Congress: 2008
Author(s): Assia Meziani1*, Hadda Dridi2*, Mahdi Kalla2*
1. Hydraulic Department, El-Oued University, B. P 789, 39000 El- Oued, Algeria. E-mail:, Tel: 00 213 90 78 69 31, Fax: 00 213 32 22 30 03 2. Earth sciences Department, Batna University, 05000 Algeria *. Laboratory L.R.NAT, Earth scien

Keyword(s): Overexploitation, Groundwater, Oued Souf, Algeria, Northeast Sahara.
AbstractThe increasing needs of water in the Algerian Sahara makes that all methods of investigation of the groundwaters have been put to contribution. The northern Sahara aquifer system covers an area of 700 000 km2. This Aquifer System contains some considerable reserves of water, is exploited by almost 6500 points of water, drillings and springs. Oued Souf is a desert region located in the Algerian northern Sahara, its urban development, the important increase in population and extension of the agriculture lands required increase of drinking waters. To face the increasing needs of domestic water, the drillings are reaching the deep groundwater (Continental Intercalary, CI, and the Complex Terminal, CT) have been achieved. During the last years, the overexploitation of the groundwater resources (CI, CT) provoked the groundwater rise phenomenon in Oued Souf and created the negative impacts on the environment (Deterioration of several dwellings due to the elevated humidity, Apparition of the soil salinity problem, the pollution of the groundwater table….). The main objective of our contribution is to present the problematic of the overexploitation of the groundwater resources, groundwater resource availability and the contributed main parameters of the groundwater rise phenomenon in Oued Souf (Bad management of the groundwater resources, the non-existence of the natural outlet, Absence of the sewage network…). In front of those problems, some solutions have been proposed and discussed.
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