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Methods of Facing with Drought in Fars Province Iran

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Mir Hassan Seyed Seraji, Ali Torabi Haghighi, Pouyan Keshtkaran, MitraDehghani
main author: (Dr. Mir Hassan Seyed Seraji) Power and water university of technology (shahid abbaspour university) Tehran, Iran Author2:(Mitra Dehghani1) Fars Regional Water Authority Shiraz, Iran, Auth

Keyword(s): Drought, Fars Province, artificial recharge projects,
AbstractFars province with 122661 km2 area is one of the largest provinces in Iran. This province has variety of climate so the warm and dry in southern and eastern parts and cold in northern part. The temperature range from -10 C to 45 C and annual rainfall from 100mm to 800mm are specific characters of this province. Considering the huge amount of exploitation of underground water resources, the level of underground water tables in most planes of province has negative balance. The drought in recent years has limited the conditions of using the underground water resources. Considering the region climate conditions, process of climate changes and recent droughts, in this research the activities has been done to reduce the effects of droughts have been evaluated. Some programs as accomplishing artificial recharge projects, changing the cultivation methods, changing the irrigation systems, limiting exploitation of underground water resources, using surface water resources instead of underground water resources as well as executing water crisis symposiums in some parts of province to acquaint the people and learn water consumers to manage exploitation of water resources during the drought. Evaluating these activities, accomplishing artificial recharge projects were adverted as the best method and the operation of 69 executed artificial recharge projects, expectation of 23 under construction projects and 59 under study projects were considered.
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