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Optimization the Operation of Bakhtegan Lake Basinís Dams in Flood Control Aspect

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Ali Torabi Haghigh, Pouyan Keshtkaran, Ali Reza Dianatpour
main author: (Ali Torabi Haghighi) Accademic Staff , Islamic Azad University - Estahban Branch Estahban, Fars, Iran author 2: (Pouyan Keshtkaran) Accademic Staff , Islamic Azad University - Estahban Branch Estahban, Fars, Ira

Keyword(s): Bakhtegan lake basin, seasonal flood, probable precipitation model, rule and decision curves , software work , hardware work
AbstractBakhtegan lake basin with area of 27220 km2 is located in the central plateau of Iran. One of the main problems in this area, especially in southern part is seasonal floods. At 1972, 2005 and 2006 three storage dams with the total capacity of 1688 MCM were built at the upstream branches of Kor and Sivand two main rivers of the basin. Considering these three dams the basin could be divided into 7 sub basins. Simulating the dams operations for probable precipitation model in the area and doing reservoir operation for these dams, the flood amount in the intersection point of these two rivers is minimized. Considering this strategy and exploitationís priorities, rule and decision curves were supplied for the common exploitation of dams. Considering rainfall records in the area, operation of this curves were simulated for 30 years period based on real records. The results show that this software work with the existing hardwares, reduce the maximum inflow of flood for 30% and prevent the area from the flood damages.
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