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Water quality management in Karoon River base on WQI

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Reza Saffarian , Narges Mashayekhi , Hadi Amerikhah
REZA SAFFARIAN-M.Sc, Staff member of agricultural research and natural resource center of Khuzestan, Iran.TEL:+98 916 300 36 17. narges mashayekhi-Graduate Faculty of Environment, University of Tehran.TEL:+98 918 161 58 77

Keyword(s): WQI,Ahvaz,Zergan,Omotomeyr, water pollutants
AbstractDue to the vital importance of Karoon River to drinking water supply, industry and agriculture of the province, and discharge of several point and non-point pollutants especially in Ahvaz city this study was done to determine an equation for prediction of Karoon River self infiltration power vs. BOD5, COD, DO, NO3, PO4, Cl, Na, temperature, turbidity and total dissolve solid in 45 Km length in Ahvaz area. Three observation stations (Zergan, Ahvaz and Omotomeyr) along this area performed monthly sampling for one year (2005-06). Finally the best equation was selected and used. The results showed the river water pollution occurs in the exit location of Ahvaz and is because of accumulative effect of point pollutants entrance particularly extra urban and industrial sewage which caused self infiltration power reduction of the river. The obtained results adjusted upon water quality index standards by WHO and determined annual water quality index for each station. According to the results, the scope of annual WQI was “between” 700 to 774 at different stations. The minimum was for Omotomeyr station and the maximum for Zergan station which is classified at III class of the index, shows the beginning of serious water quality changes based on domestic and industrial pollutions.
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