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Ss21 The Battle To Frame Water Security

Author(s): Water security and competing discourses panel - 26 May, 2015
Congress: 2015
Author(s): Mark Zeitoun

Mark Zeitoun
DEV - International Development, University of East Anglia


Water-society-climate challenges are complex

Complexity derives from
  • complicated biophysical and social processes (e.g. interaction between carbon, nitrogen and water cycles, two-way relation between human use of water and cc (especially economic processes), etc)
  • uncertainties in biophyscial and social systems (will there be a revolution anytime soon, or an earthquake?)

The Battle to Frame Water Security...

The reductive approach to complexity (Water Security through Certainty)

The Reductive Approach (1): Reducing GDP to hydrology

The integrationist approach to complexity (Water Security through Pluralism)

The integrationist approach (1): expanding the uncertainties identified

… but which message is more compelling?

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