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Ss3 Assessing Future Flood Risks And Opportunities For Adaptation In The Uk

Author(s): Being undertaken as part of the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment: 2017
Congress: 2015
Author(s): Paul Sayers

Paul Sayers

  • Matt Horritt
  • Andy McKenzie (BGS - British Geological Survey)
  • Edmund Penning-Rowsell (FHRC, Middlesex Uni)
  • Rainfall advice: Chirs Kilsby (Newcastle)
Client leads
  • Dave Thompson/Kathryn Humphreys (Climate Change Committee)
  • Representatives from Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Environment Agency, Rivers Agency NI, Natural Resources Wales

Outline of presentation
  • Objectives of the Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA)
  • Approach to assessing future flood risk
    • Flood types of interest
    • Future changes of interest
    • Adaptation levers and scenarios
    • The Future Flood Explorer
  • Concluding remarks
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