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Ecosystem Services-based Approaches To Water Management : What Opportunities And Challenges For Business?

Author(s): Ten years after the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: A Global Perspective on Water Ecosystem Services
Congress: 2015
Dr. Joël Houdet - African Centre for Technology Studies - Edinburgh, 27th May 2015
Water World Congress - Special Session convened by Julia Martin-Ortega, Robert C. Ferrier & Iain J. Gordon


Table of content
  1. Interdependency links (dependencies and impacts) between water ecosystem services and various business activities
  2. Ecosystem services-based approach to water management in the private sector - Opportunities - Challenges to mainstreaming
Businesses depend and impact on water ecosystem services (ES)
Diverse water ES used by business:
  • Agribusiness / farming
  • Tourism industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Trade-offs in use of ES
  • Impacts on downstream users
Business risks linked to water ecosystem changes
  • Water availability/biophysical and ecological risks
  • Water infrastructure/energy-related risks
  • Policy environment/regulatory risks/legal licence to operate
  • Reputational risks/social licence to operate
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