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Infiltration Assessment for Better Watershed Management in Northern Mexico

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Jose Luis González Barrios, Jean Pierre Vandervaere, Ignacio Sánchez Cohen, Guillermo González Cervantes, Luc Descroix
Jose Luis González Barrios, Ignacio Sánchez Cohen and Guillermo González Cervantes are Head Researchers form : INIFAP CENID-RASPA, Mexico. AP 225 Parque Industrial, Gómez Palacio DGO 35070 MEXICO. Phone: +52(871)7191077 FAX: +52(871)7191134 Email: gonzal

Keyword(s): Infiltration Assessment, Watershed Management, Hydrological Services
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AbstractWatershed management for water resources requires the accurate measurement of indicative parameters for a good knowledge of water cycle compartments. Some process conditioning water transfers in the environment such as: rainfall, runoff, infiltration, deep percolation, evaporation, water up-take and transpiration by plants, should be quantified for a better watershed management. This paper shows an infiltration assessment with Triple Ring Infiltration at Multiple Suctions method, realized in the upper watershed of Nazas river that is the main source of water supply for agriculture in a great irrigated area of northern Mexico. This watershed is submitted to strong productive activities for forestry and agriculture production that cause disturbs on the ways of water cycle with important hydrological impacts. The results show that soil surface conditions lead the infiltration process and they can be linked to land use changes of productive systems. Good practices for soil and water conservation are proposed for a better management in order to keep the good hydrological services of this watershed.
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