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Effect of Irrigation depth on pecan (Carya illinoensis koch)radial growth through image analysis

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Dr. Ignacio Sánchez Cohen,Dr. José Luís González Barrios,Dr. José Villanueva Díaz
Dr. Ignacio Sánchez Cohen; Dr. José Luís González Barrios; Dr. José Villanueva Díaz;

Keyword(s): image analysis, tree rings, irrigation depth
AbstractSummary The pecan tree produces distinctive annual rings in the growing season when the cambium tissue became active, but the annual growth is influenced by genetic, environmental and management factors. On this study we used image analysis techniques to describe the relationship between water availability as provided by irrigation and total ring width. Under similar environmental and management conditions, annual growth differed for trees with water stress (0.6 mm), without water stress (2.3 – 2.7 mm), and water in excess (4.2 mm).
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