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Water Resources and Water Management in Kingdom of Bahrain: Past, Present and Future prospective

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Najat Mohammad Es'haqi
Name: Mrs.Najat Mohammad Es'haqi Nationality: Bahraini Qualification:PhD (Liverpoo; John Moores Univ.), Built Environment School, Water Management Occupation: Lecturer Organosation: Chemcial Engineering dept., University of Bahrain Research Interest:
AbstractWater resources equity in the Kingdom of Bahrain (KOB) has been always the center of dispute between social and economical developments needs both within the island itself and with its neighbors of Arab countries within the Gulf. To be able to propose any strategic water management action, it is very important to understand the past, present and the expected future for the available water resources. By looking at all the related Water resources subjects, mainly those that caused Bahrainís water deterioration and scarcity present situation as Jigsaw puzzle parts will give a better chance for arranging those parts (subjects) in best position in order to be able to look at any proposed management action as one whole picture, later to analyze it and hoping to be successful. This paper provides detailed information of Bahrainís water : history, resources, processes, management actions, quality and quantity deterioration .
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