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The Ma&#304;n Characteristic Features Of Drinking Water Supply, Sewerage, Stormwater Wastewater Master Plan Of Absheron Peninsula

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Gorkhmaz Huseynov (Baku, Azerbadijan)

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 1: Water supply and demand,
AbstractLack of surface drinkable water and scarcity of underground water in the territory of Absheron Peninsula that located the capital city of Azerbaijan Republic Baku water demand of the city is supplied by Gusar-Davachi underground water basin by I and II Baku water pipelines located 130-260 km far away from Baku, Samur river by Samur-Absheron canal, Kura river by I and II Kura water pipelines, Ganix-Ayrichay underground water basin by Oguz-Gabala water pipeline.
First water supply system of Baku- 100 years passed since I Baku water pipeline commenced that take source from Shollar spring and first sewerage system was founded 80 years ago.

During this period centrilized water supply and sewerage systems in Baku, Sumgayit and in the major settlements of Absheron Peninsula and in some parts of Baku and Sumgayit storm water systems were founded. All these systems were build and operated in the frame of long lasting projects. However recently the area of Absheron Peninsula is 2 000 km2 and population is 4 mln and it is the only agglomerated center of developed multidiciplinary industry. Although sufficient drinkable water was transported in the area of peninsula, problems in uninterrupted water supply of population, sewerage system defects in many settlements, insufficiency of storm water systems, shortage of waste water treatment plants, water losses due to the outdated water supply and sewer lines created necessity to prepare Master Plan (2035 target prediction) for Baku-Absheron agglomaretaion water supply and sewearge and storm water systems.

"Preparation of Absheron Peninsula Master Plan on drinkable water supply, sewerage and storm water systems" Project Works began at the beginning of 2012 and athe end of 2013 these Works were completed.

Master Plan consists of eighteen sections and while preparing it town-building development, population growth and density, development of tourism, reuse of treated waste water, ecological balance and other factors were prioritized. Basing of world experience on this field water supply and sewerage services at the same time tariff issues, personnel training and other issues were reflected in Master Plan.

Master Plan is strategical long-lasting investment program and its main purpose based on the following principles:
- Water for use should answer drinkable water standarts;
- Water should be given 24 hour uninterrupted basis;
- Water supply and sewerage systems operation and development should be realized on self-financing basis;
- It should be taken into consideration that water taken from source is natural resource and the factors impacted to environment negativley should be minimized;
- Water should be given to network with appropriate pressure and appropriate measures should be taken for reducing water losses.

Analizing of existing water supply and sanitation system, making proposals for development perspectives, investigating alternative water sources, water processing, transportation and distribution, preparation of hydraulic model program, collect topographical information, dividing territory into sectors for reliable water supply and sewerage services, application of Geographical Information and SCADA systems, preparation of measures for uninterrupted water supply of consumers, treatment of waste water according to ecological norms were emphasized in Master Plan of Baku city. Reconstruction projects of sewerage and storm water systems were realized with the basin by-gravity taking into account orographic and geomorphologic characteristics of peninsula.

At the same time the following projects were implemented as the result of implementation of investment programs according to Master Plan recommendations:
As the result of restoration and reconstruction works on some components of Kura and Jeyranbatan Water Treatment Plants one the main water supply plants of Baku the quality of water processed in both plants is appropriate to World Health Organization standarts;
- As the result of reconstruction works in pump station water supply of high-rise buildings was improved fundamentally, inhabitants suffering from drinkable water problems for many years were provided with drinkable water;
- New water and sewerage lines were drawn in some streets and water reservoirs and water treament plants put into operation after rehabilitation.

According to Master Plan due to the existing water sources water demand of Baku city for 2035 was determined near 18 m3/sec. Reducing water losses in 2035 to 15% was targeted in Master Plan.

Master Plan of Absheron Peninsula and Baku city water supply, wastewater and storm water for 2035 will cause water supply and sewerage systems provision. At the same time water supply, sewerage and storm water systems of Absheron aglomeration during 30-50 years perspective development after 2035 will benefit from this Master Plan recommendations. 1. "Tekno Yapı" İnşaat Sənaye və Ticaret A.Ş. (Türkiyə) "Abşeron yarımadasının içməli su təchizatı, kanalizasiya və yağış suları sisteminin 2035-ci ilə Master Planın hazırlanması". 2013-cü il.
2. Алекперов А.Б. Апшерон: проблемы гидрогеологии и геоэкологии. Азербайджанская Государственная Книжная Палата. Баку-2000. 484 стр.

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