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How Does A Hydronation Optimise The Value Of Water ?

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Munire Koseoglu (Edinburgh, UK), Dominic Moran, Kate Heal
SRUC, Univeristy of Edinburgh1, School of Geoscience, University of Edinburgh2

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 14: Valuing water: monetary and non-monetary dimensions,
AbstractThe increasing demand, competition among its current uses and climate change make water availability a pressing issue worldwide. Water has a variety of uses. Some of which are mediated by its quality, some of which are mediated by its quantity and some of which are mutually exclusive. The geographical and seasonal availability of water are also important for its supply. Scotland is a water-rich country, which aims to recognize the highest (economic, environmental and social) value of its water resources. This paper seeks to determine the relative economic value of water use (including non-use demand) for each major current use (and non-use) in Scotland through the employment of appropriate economic valuation methodology for each. This analysis is aimed to provide a basis for exploring the tradability among water uses and (non-uses) to derive mechanisms that optimise water allocation in Scotland.
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