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Water Potential And Planning Of Brook Sarini Basin

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Halil GiśNEK (Elazığ, Turkey)

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 10: Management of water resources,

Water Potential and Planning of Brook Sarini Basin One of the basic sources for continuity of life is water. However, the quality of this source is going south due to increase of population and expending usage area. The absence or becoming useless of water that is crucial for life does not mean evanescene only by itself. Such a situation would effect all living creatures and the chain of events between them. Although it is widely accepted that water is precious, we are not aware of its real value. Valuable goods must not be contaminated or wasted. It must be taken into consideration that all living creatures need water as much as we need. In addition to uneven distribution on earth, the quantity of water changes by years and seasons. Because of this changing distribution, water is abundant in some regions but in some places it is self sufficient. Most of such regions have troubles in dry spell. Especially poor countries and some places where water is misused are effected badly and suffer more. Study area is in Eastern Anatolia Region. It is a small tributary of Euphrates and 600 km2 area. This area has high potential of agriculture due to its natural environment and topographic features. Nevertheless, limited water resources and non agricultural usage of land cause some problems. The aim is to determine and plan this source correctly. Moreover, it aims to emphasize the contribution of correct methods and correct usage in terms of limited resources. Also it emphasizes integrated basin planning and its necessity. This study has been planned as integration of remote sensing and geographical information system (GİS). First, 1/25000 topographic maps, 10m DEM datas, detailed geology maps, Landsat, Aster and Rasat satellite images of the area are provided. Additionally climate datas, which is the basic determiner on water quantity and regime, are provided from Elazığ Meteorological Station. These datas are transfered to computer with respect to same projection. To present the water potential of the basin, water efficiency map has been prepared. While doing this, first of all regional distribution of precipitation has been designated by using enterplation way. Secondly, geological map of the area has been prepared. Through this preparation, structure of land has been inspected in terms of thickness, permeability and formations has been ranked according to their features. Besides slope index map and exposure map have been formed by using DEM datas. NDVI of area has been prepared by using satellite images. NDVI has been applied twice; in harvest season (when there are less plant) and in seed time (when there are lots of plants). On these maps, stream efficiency is classified. Land usage maps have been produced by using satellite images and lots of these maps were vector maps. These vector maps have been converted to raster maps by taking the same cell size. Water yield map has been gained in raster calculation medium. Population and social-economical situation of the area has been inspected in detail and water usage habits of people have been analyzed. Consequently, if one of natural resources becomes less, the benefit of other resources becomes limited. If the potential and needs of all shareholders are planned correctly, problems will be lessened and this study proves this reality.

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