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Management Strategies For Magdalena River, A Tropical Complex System From The Institutional, Socio-economic And Biophysical Perspective.

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Jorge Luis Sanchez Lozano, Cesar Antonio Cardona Almeida, Cesar Ignacio Garay Bohorquez, Felipe Ardila Camelo, Jose Javier Oliveros Acosta, Diana Yaneth Vargas Rodriguez

Jorge Luis Sanchez Lozano 1, Cesar Antonio Cardona Almeida 1, Cesar Ignacio Garay Bohorquez 2, Felipe Ardila Camelo 1, Jose Javier Oliveros Acosta 1, Diana Yaneth Vargas Rodriguez 2,

Corporación Centro de Investigación Cientí­fica del Rí­o Magdalena "Alfonso Palacio Rudas"1, Corporación Autónoma Regional del Rí­o Grande de La Magdalena2, Corporación Centro de Investigación Cientí­fica del Rí­o Magdalena 3

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 10: Management of water resources,

The Magdalena River is the most important River in Colombia. Its basin is 257.000 km2 the 30% of Colombia's area and it has about 75% of Colombian inhabitants, therefore the river and its basin is a priority for Colombian development. CORMAGDALENA, in accordance with Article 331 of the Colombian Political Constitution, and the Law 161 of 1994, was constituted as a special corporative entity, with administrative budgetary and financial autonomy. CORMAGDALENA's mission is to ensure the full utilization of the Magdalena River, regarding to navigation, port activity, fitness and soil conservation, power generation and distribution and also issue guidelines for the hydrologic administration, river integrated management, sustainable use and environmental preservation. CORMAGDALENA has advanced in a pioneering effort to improve the knowledge of its management object, developing tools and strategies for vision and integrated resource management. These tools are The Master Plan of Exploitation of the Magdalena River -PMA- (an instrument for intervention and development), The Magdalena Cauca Basin Management Plan -PMC- (an instrument for planning and management) and The Magdalena River Research Center -CIRMAG- (an analytical instrument). The strategies in the last eight years for boosting navigation, deal with the complex institutional framework, knowing the system and basin coordination are shown in this article.

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