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Euro Mediterranean Water Information System (EMWIS): Towards the establishment of a Mediterranean Water Information Partnership (MedWIP)

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Paul HAENER, Jauad EL KHARRAZ
EMWIS Technical Unit B.P.23 - 06901 Sophia Antipolis – France Tel: +33 492 94 22 91 – Fax: +33 492 94 22 95 Email: ; jauad.el- Web:

Keyword(s): national water information system, monitoring, assessment, MDG, sustainable development
AbstractThe principle of a global observation mechanism on water and sanitation has been brought up many times in international bodies. The European Union presented its vision at the last Commission for Sustainable Development, held in New York in April 2005. The final document published by this Commission incorporates the key measures proposed by the EU to continue the progress made towards the objectives set by the international community: a global mechanism based on national and regional mechanisms, the improvement of data collection and the comparison of information. On the basis of the mandate assigned to the EMWIS by the Euro-Mediterranean Ministers (Turin Conference), the Euro-Mediterranean Water Directors agreed to “Study, with interested countries, the objectives and the feasibility of building up within EMWIS a regional water observation mechanism to monitor the indicators towards the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals related to water and sanitation (MDG7) in the Mediterranean, as well as the implementation of the water related section of the Mediterranean Strategy of Sustainable Development, based on the information provided by the National Water Information Systems, whenever they exist.” At the end of the 1st phase of this study launched in 2006, the Euromed water director conference (Athens 2006) recommended that the 2nd phase “allow further analysis and first tests of the proposed regional water information partnership with linkages with related regional initiatives”. This Mediterranean Water Information Partnership (MEDWIP) could constitute a “framework for dialogue between regional and national organisations in order to better meet the expectations on reliable, comparable and quality information necessary for effective water resources management in the Mediterranean” Geographic information is of course of prime interest in such a process and the 2nd phase of the study presently aims to analyse how MEDWIP could contribute at Mediterranean level: - To promote the identification of needs and the access and enhancement of the data made available by the national and regional partners; - To support the countries in the development of their information systems according to their requests, integrating of course the potentialities offered by space sciences; - To facilitate the exchange of comparable data related to water resource and water uses between national and regional organisations, especially by promoting a semantic and technical interoperability between their information systems; - To promote the exchange of experience between Mediterranean countries and with regional organisations in terms of data acquisition and information production answering to the needs related to water management.
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