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Optimal Allocation Of Surface Water Resources For Peri-urban Area To Minimize The Future Demand-supply Gap

Congress: 2015
AbstractAbstract The Right to Water and Sanitation has been recognized as a fundamental human right by the United Nations since 2010. However, is this right universal? There are still wide disparities between the Earth's regions. In general allocation of locally available surface water resources reduce extra burden to the centralized water supply systems for widened city limits having rapidly increasing population and one such example Chennai. The expanded Chennai Corporation having the total area increased from 174 km2 to 426 km2. Overall Population Vs Demand Vs supply analysis shows same pattern of supply-demand gap was repeated for every year from 1971 to 2031. Leaving behind the irrigation water demand, net available surface water is considered for optimal allocation that us the lakes and tanks, which are susceptible to render water for the greater Chennai is alone considered. The total volume of surface water available for the greater Chennai is estimated is 0.45Mm³. With the available surface water resources, First priority of water allocation is provided to the municipalities, then to town Panchayats and to village Panchayats is prescribed in the model. In this paper, an optimization problem is formulated for optimal allocation of water resources that can be implemented by considering the constraints of complete utilization of the available surface water resources with the objective of minimizing total future demand-supply gap. The solution to optimization problem is obtained through Genetic Algorithm (GA). The results of the analysis reveals that the optimal water allocation for Peri-Urban Area of Chennai during 2011 maximum of 70 lpcd is required to the municipalities such as Thiruvottiyur, Madhavaram and Ambattur. Then the minimum of 30 lpcd need to be supplied to the village panchayats such as Nolumbur and Karambakkam. The projected optimal water allocation for Peri-Urban Area of Chennai in 2021 and 31, the maximum of 70 lpcd is needed to the village panchayats such as Palavakkam, Semmenchery and Neelankararai respectively. It is concluded that the projected years 2021 and 2031, the water allocation is minimum for most of the Peri-Urban Area of Chennai and is uniform.
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