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Adaptation To Climate Change In Tampere Region, Finland

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Tom Frisk (Tampere, Finland)

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 17: Climate change, impacts and adaptation,

The Climate and Energy Strategy for Tampere Region (Pirkanmaa) was published in May 2014. One of the four main themes of the strategy is adaptation to climate change. The purpose of this presentation is to deal with the aims and the proposed actions of adaptation in Tampere Region, with particular attention to water issues.


In the strategy the main aim of adaptation is that people and different organizations of the region are reserved to governance of climate change phenomena. More detailed aims have been presented for increased precipitation and humidity, increased temperature and extreme events.

Results and Discussion

For practical actions of adaptation to climate change, regional studies into the impacts of climate change are needed. In planning the actions, a proactive approach must be used and the cost-effectiveness of the actions must be taken into account, as well as the synergy with the aims of mitigation of climate change. The coordinating actor in the region is the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, but the cooperation requires participation of many public organizations, NGOs and also private companies. In palanning of adaptation, cooperation with the neighbouring regions is also important.

One problem in the future climate will be insufficient sewarage systems to take increased amounts of storm water in the cities, and new areas should be reserved for infiltration. In the rural areas, particularly agricultural lands, leaching of nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) is expected to increase, which will lead to increased eutrophication and must be taken into account in the River Basin Management Plan (according to the EU Water Framework Directive). Regulation of lakes must be developed so that possibilities to decrease the harmful effects of floods are better considered.

Local and regional plans for reservation to extreme events must be devoped, and the skills of ordinary people to act in such situations must be developed. Also system for predicting extreme events as well as informing about them must be improved.


Adaptation to climate change in the regions must be taken seriously. Although general strategies already exist much has to be done before sufficient conrete actions will be possible. 1. Pirkanmaan liitto (2014). Pirkanmaan ilmasto- ja energiastrategia (Climate and Energy Strategy of Tampere Region). In Finnish, no English abstract. 34 p. Tampere

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