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Euro Promocap Iwat project, “MAKE MORE WITH SAME or MAKE SAME WITH LESS”

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Didier Perez
French, founder of PT PIPA , a service company specialized in network efficiency. Leaving in Indonesia since 1996, after about 15 years experience in Middle East. Specialized in capacity building programs targetting water utilities. Has succesfully implem

Keyword(s): an example of succesful non revenue water capacity building program in Indonesia
AbstractA succesful example of "private-Public" partnership in the field of Non-Revenue Water. Presentation of the program and its outstanding conclusions: The prime target was to assist Indonesian water utility companies improving their technical management as well as granting better service to the populations through training, seminars, pilot projects and quality management educational programs, knowing that 95% of Indonesian utilities are about to totally collapse. From a new vision, considering cultural specificities and apropriate technologies to concerned management, allowing them a more pragmatic and cost efficient strategy, the action has showed a down to earth and effective solution to solve a major difficulty : the utilities incapacity in managing water losses and improving their services to the community. The program has allowed to transform in three years time, one of the worst performing utilities into an example of sustainable partnership. A clear success story.
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