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Water Stress And Adaptation To Climate Change And To Desertification: Case Of Long Term Project In The Marrakech Region Morocco

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Said ADIL (RABAT, Morocco), Said ADIL
Water, forestry and Desertification Depart, NGO memeber1

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 17: Climate change, impacts and adaptation,
Abstract This project aims to show the role of Opuntia ficus indica and Argania spinosa, by firsts, it 's great adaptation to climate change, to drought, to reconstitute in a record time, a living and dynamic soil horizon on witch it lives; then to build up an aerial and below ground biomass permitting him to proliferate, and to other plants to settle; to enrich soil by addition of organic matter, and to allow to other links of the food chain to develop, notably the microfauna, meso fauna and the same as macrofauna. These species accepted long time water stress and give income to the local, regional and international population. Morocco proceeded to the creation of nature reserves like biosphere of Argan tree for the reconstitution of ecosystems in process of disappearances and their biodiversity further to the rise of temperature and further to the degradation of natural resources. In our regional project, this reconstitution of natural ecosystem can be seen under three angles: 1- First as successful experiment serving as a demonstration for the reconstitution of nature in arid environment, particularly in fighting desertification by using species highly adapted to drought and to hydraulic stress. 2- Then, within climate change, as a sink for greenhouse gas sequestration, particularly CO2 by roots and aerial biomass and the soil organic matter and CH4 from enteric fermentation due to lipid richess of argan pulps used for livestock feeding. 3- And last, as a reconstitution and reserve of biodiversity particularly for micro, meso and macro fauna. Indeed, Jbilet Cactus and Argan tree, attracted many observers and researchers, particularly biodiversity conservationists and NGO who can play a socio-economic role in this area. Note that cactus and argan oil have a good economic value in the world scale. Jbilet Cactus has been considered as a Site of Biological an Ecological Interest (SIBE) where introduced Gazelle dorcas which seems to find its biotope and shows a progressive dynamism. http:// (Umea, Suède, Août 2008), http:// (St Peter Sburg , Florida, USA, Novembre 2008), (Queensland 2010-2011, Australie),
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