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Modeling Leak And Leak Detection In Water Distribution Network.

Congress: 2015
Author(s): ASWATHY VIJAYAKUMAR K (Thrissur, India)

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 1: Water supply and demand,
AbstractLeaks are detrimental to any water distribution system and hence are an immediate concern to the human society. This paper proposes a transient analysis for leak detection with leak and no leak scenario by using Surge2000 to detect leaks in a pipe. MATLAB has been used to perform inverse transient analysis to identify the location of the leak. An experimental setup is modeled according to the standard setups and is calibrated by simulation under different scenarios in a Surge2000 platform hence replicating the standard setup. Leak detection was performed with sections under known locations thereby verifying the algorithm. The results are truly appreciable and prove the efficiency of the method. [1] F. Colebrook and C.M. White , " Experiments with fluid friction in rough pipes," Proc. Royal Society of London series 161, 367-381, 1937. [2] D. Covas and H. Ramos, "Hydraulic Transients used for Leakage Detection in Water Distribution Systems," Int. J. Water Pipeline System, 2001. [3] B. Karney, D.Khani, M.R. Halfawy and Hunaidi, " A Simulation study on using inverse transient analysis for leak detection in water distribution networks," Int. Proc. Stormwater and Urban Water Systems series 17, 1-21, 2009. [4] J.A.Liggett and L.C. Chen , "Inverse transient analysis in pipe networks," J. Hydraulic Engineering 118(7), 1031-1046, 1994. [5] G.A. Nash and B.W. Karney , "Efficient Inverse Transient Analysis in Series Pipe," J. Hydraulic Engineering 125(7), 761-764, 1999. [6] M. Nicolini, "A methodology for monitoring and leakage reduction in water distribution system," Water Utility J.2, 2011. [7] R.S. Pudar. and J.A. Liggett’ "Leaks in Pipe Networks," J. Hydraulic Engineering 118(7), 1031-1046, 1992. [8] Stewart Burn, Dhammika DeSilva, Matthias, Eiswirth, Osama Hunaidi, Andrew Speers and Julian Thornton, "Pipe leakage – Future challenges and solutions. Proc. Pipes Wagga Wagga,1999. [9] T. Walski , W. Bezts,E. Posluszny,M. Weir and B. Whitman, "Modeling Leakage Reduction through Pressure Control," American Water Works Association J. 94(4), 147-155, 2006.
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