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Human Health Risk Assessment Of Temporal And Spatial Variations Of Groundwater Quality At A Densely Industrialized Commercial Complex, Haridwar, India

Congress: 2015
AbstractThe present study on groundwater characteristics of densely industrialized commercial complex SIDCUL Industrial Estate (IE), Haridwar in year 2013-2014 showed that the water of Sampling Station-D (SSD) had relatively poor quality in comparison to the groundwater collected from Sampling Station-A (SSA), Sampling Station-B (SSB) and Sampling Station-C (SSC). The samples had a high mineral load with relatively wider pH range. The physico-chemical parameters like pH (6.35 in October) at SSA, TDS (553.5 mg/l in November) at SSC, TH (600.0 mg/l in July) at SSB and alkalinity (525.0 mg/l in October) at SSD were beyond the prescribed limits of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The overall quality of groundwater, though hard, was found acceptable for drinking purpose. The divergence in the results of groundwater samples taken from SIDCUL-IE and the Control site, 2 km away from SIDCUL-IE, indicated that groundwater pollution is increasing alarmingly which may have serious threats to human health in near future.
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