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Monetising The Multiple Benefits Of Using Suds

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Richard Ashley (Holmfirth, UK)

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 14: Valuing water: monetary and non-monetary dimensions,
AbstractIntroduction: The management of stormwater (or surface water) has traditionally considered urban runoff as a problem. Recent thinking now sees stormwater and associated measures for its' management as an opportunity to provide additional benefits to society over and above simply the management of urban runoff (1). In view of this, the Construction Industry Research & Information Association (CIRIA) are managing a project on developing a tool to assess and monetise the many benefits that sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) can provide. The new tool will be used to support the use of SUDS in whole life cost-benefit evaluations. Although there are a number of tools available worldwide, there are none as yet, that provide such information (2). Although using UK data to inform the performance evaluations and the financial information, the tool is also applicable more widely by use of an appropriate database. Also unique is the explicit consideration of uncertainty and its' significance in regard to the relative robustness of the NPV. Methods/Materials: (1) (2)
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