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Dam break simulation by means of a high resolution algorithm applied to La Parota, Guerrero, México

Congress: 2008
Author(s): Maritza Arganis(1), Ernest Bladé(2), Josep Dolz(2), Martí Sánchez(2), Óscar A. Fuentes(1), Víctor Franco(1), Faustino De Luna(1)
(1) Instituto de Ingeniería, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Circuito Escolar s/n Edificio 5 Cub. 414-F Coyoacán c.p. 04510 México (2) Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, España Civil Engineering School Campus Nord- UPC Jordi Girona

Keyword(s): Dam break, CARPA, 2D free surface model, finite volumes
Abstract In this paper a dam break simulation of “La Parota”, Guerrero, Mexico is presented by means of CARPA system which is based in a 2D WAF-TVD (Weight Averaged Flux – Total Variation Diminishing) high resolution finite volumes numerical scheme. With the obtained results it is possible to draw maps containing the depth, velocity and affected zones, which are very useful in the civil protection area.
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