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Financing water development

Congress: 2008
Lionel Robaux is an experienced state and municipal civil servant with over 30 years of experience implementing national and municipal regulations, operating public works, and managing municipal services and utilities. He is a specialist in water resource
AbstractGLOBAL CHANGES & WATER RESOURCES ABSTRACT SUBMISSION SUMMARY Topic n°7 Financing water development Title : WHAT IS ACTUALLY MISSING ? Author : Lionel A.ROBAUX IG GREF MS MPA Deputy head International Office for Water, 21 rue de Madrid 75008 PARIS 10 July 2007 1. What is actually missing ? 1.1. Is it water ? In a short way, scarcity stands more on allocation: to get safe water, every day, and down in the kitchen room is definitely a hard job! 1.2. Is it financial means? Thanks to MDGs more and more funds are supposed to be raised in the following years. 1.3. Or is it a strong need for JUSTICE ? Water management should focus on « water for all ». Fair and reliable water allocation needs a fair and sustainable financial contribution to the water service, on an equitable manner between all users. Fair water allocation and water conflicts resolution are strongly based on institutional regulation: justice is a paramount necessity! Therefore strong behaviour change is needed within water authorities, operators and end users. 2. Life style & stakes Water (& sanitation) for all means : A safe water available in the needed quantity on a sustainable way at the kitchen tap; A safe and reliable way to get rid of waste water and faecal materials. Therefore, who is in the right place to look after behaviour change in the water sector ? But end users who are on sentry duty to keep watching water service degradation. End users are the very actual water service “auditor” . And end users are close to water regulation. 3. How can we go further ? Looking for water? Or looking for Justice ? There is still a strong need for investments and funding. But sound “house cleaning” is needed in order to put “water Justice” into force : easy to run regulation, sustainable water allocation for all, affordable for all water services. ”Water for all” implementation needs a new way for water operation and a new water behaviour. Investments have to be framed. Investments effectiveness is strongly linked with institutional and management reforms: Justice for water is a way to fair and sustainable allocation of water and actual “water for all”.
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