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Evaluation Of Major And Minor Components In Dakahlia Water Resources For Drinking Purposes

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Raafat Abdeldayem (Mansoura, Egypt)

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 2: Surface water and groundwater,

The physical, chemical and microbiological analyses of 50 water samples representing the different types of drinking water (surface and wells) in the governorate were carried-out. This paper aims to evaluate the drinking water in Dakahlyia governorate in comparison with the national and international standards as a step to handle water pollutants affecting human health in this governorate. All investigated water samples were chemically considered suitable for drinking except two samples for iron, two samples for lead and one water sample for manganese having values higher than the permissible limit of EMH and WHO. Also there were five water samples having high total count of bacteria and three samples having high coli form than the permissible limit of EMH. Obviously groundwater samples from Mit-Ghamr, El-Sinbillawin and Aga districts of Dakahlia governorate should be given special attention for treatment.
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