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Functionality And Sustainability Of Community Managed Water Schemes

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Indra Badu (Dhangadhi, Niger)

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 16: Public and private sector management,
AbstractABSTRACTS Sustainable drinking water facility in rural areas is challenging because difficult to establish institutional arrangements to ensure the facilities are functional and managed in an equitable and sustainable way by the water user committees, WUCs/ users. Sustainability of the community infrastructures is still issued in rural Nepal due to lack of proper management and capacity to the WUCs/users. However, operation and maintenance management is the sole responsibility of the communities/users. Likewise, Nepal has adopted a community-based approach to meet the challenges. In additions, community based water and sanitation committees are in charge of managing drinking water facilities at the community level. This paper is based on the analysis of 496 community managed drinking water and sanitation schemes supported by Rural Village Water Resource Management Project in Nepal (2006- 2014). Observed results are, 91.5% fully functional, 8.3% partially functional and 0.2% schemes are closed due to natural disasters and social conflicts. The observation indicates the capacities of the users, active local level institutions and a user's participation in planning and management are the key of the proper functionality of the water schemes. Capacity building of the users, users' committees (UCs), village level institutions, working groups and government line agencies is major interventions in the post construction phase. Functional WUCs are the major actors to manage the schemes with the institutional support mechanism. KEY WORDS: Planning and Management, capacity building, Institutional support, Operation and maintenance, Water safety plans. Annual Reports, RVWRMP, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 An indicator based data on the sustainability status from all completed schemes, RVWRMP- July 2013 District level review and planning workshop with Water Users Association reports, RVWRMP-2012 Individual field visit reports – Indra Raj Badu - 2011-2014 Post construction Guideline, RVWRMP, 2012 Program Implementation guideline, step by step manuals, RVWRMP, 2012 Project Document, RVWRMP, 2010-2 Scheme level monitoring reports, RVWRMP-2012015 Scheme wise operation and maintenance status survey report, RVWRMP- 2014
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