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Opportunities For Smart Water Management

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Amir Cahn (Esher, UK)

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 10: Management of water resources,

Smart water technologies are now changing the way water networks are monitored and controlled. As the cost of these technologies decreases and the deployment process becomes easier and quicker, more and more utilities are adopting a "smart" approach. A "Smart Water Network" is a fully integrated set of data-driven components and solutions which allow water utilities to optimize all aspects of their water distribution systems. Smart water solutions improve the efficiency, longevity, and reliability of a utility's underlying physical assets by better measuring, collecting, analyzing, and acting upon a wide range of network events. By generating knowledge, a utility can accurately set goals, plan investments, and address some of its largest challenges such as water quality, leakage, energy efficiency, regulatory compliance, or customer service. At the IWRA World Water Congress, the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) plans to demonstrate how its developed tools are helping utilities improve their information management and technology practices. SWAN members vary from water utilities, technology providers, engineering and consulting firms, academics, and investors. By aligning industry leaders and participants, SWAN has the unique ability to share its members' diverse experience and develop its own collaborative research tools. For example, the SWAN SMART SCORE, an online questionnaire allows utilities to gauge their network intelligence. Upon completion, utilities receive a quantitative score as well as a qualitative categorization of their level of advancement. SWAN has discovered that a good way to improve water utility network performance is through understanding and leveraging best practices from other utilities, regardless of their location. Complementing the SWAN SMART SCORE, the SWAN Interactive Architecture Tool enables water utilities to explore smart water technologies according to their specific challenge areas and business drivers. Utilities can then view how different technology components interconnect, navigate through interactive architectural diagrams, and view relevant case studies and benefit analyses. The results and analysis from both the SWAN SMART SCORE and Interactive Architecture Tool will be presented at the IWRA World Water Congress with a special focus on the opportunities and challenges of technology development in the water sector.

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