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Agriculture And Water: Exemplary Alfalfa

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Jean-Philippe Carise (Cande sur Beuvron, France), Eric Guillemot

Coop de france dehydratation1

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 6: Links with the energy, food and environmental sectors,

With Mr E Guillemot (Director of Coop de France dehydration), we would make a contribution to your Forum on Agriculture and Water, which you will find below a brief summary. For years, agriculture (more or less intensive) and water do not mix, in the press as in some professional papers: pesticides and fertilizers needed for some of these farmers polluting groundwater and other natural "blue water ". However, relatively recent studies show that one should not generalize and that in particular the alfalfa has positive contributions to biodiversity and water. This paper aims to present a brief but so argued for, based on the results obtained on different farms and validated by organizations as the Natural History Museum of Paris and INRA, the contributions of alfalfa and water under what conditions. It should be noted that these [terms] not restrictive as to the extension of this culture. Under the conclusion, we will present what could be new opportunities for crop rotation and especially temporal distribution of this culture based on qualities of the groundwater nearby. Robert P (ASA), P Thiebeau (INRA), D Coulmier (Desialis) and D Larbre (Coop de France Dehydration) - February 2010: Alfalfa and water quality by Coop dehydration 2013: Alfalfa, good reasons to grow in 2014; SaF fevrier 2013: les agriculteurs producteurs d'eau potable.

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