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Dry-season Water Allocation & Resilience To Climate Change In Thailand

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Aksara Putthividhya, Mari Takeda
Chulalongkorn University1, Tokyo University2

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 9: Water allocation among competing uses and users,
AbstractThis study examines the long-term quantitative characteristics of dry season water allocation among sectors and regions in Chao Phraya river basin of Thailand. Previous studies have pointed out the highest priority given to the domestic water sector and the inequitable allocation of irrigation water among projects in the delta. Using water agreement data for 2013, we represent the priority of allocation as the coefficient of variation (CV) of the planned amount of allocated water. Our research reveal that the CV of the agricultural sector is 4X higher than that of the domestic sector, which means the agricultural sector faces more risk of a water shortage than does the domestic sector. The agricultural water shortage associating risk is actually stemmed from the discrepancies among average actual and planned cultivation (based on water agreement managed at the beginning of dry seaon period). Flexibility in allocating water to agricultural sectors could alleviate issues arising from its less prioritized position. With regard to irrigation water allocation, our panel data analysis confirms the advantage enjoyed by irrigation projects in the western lower delta, as has been the case for the past two decades. The background of these characteristics is also discussed in order to encourage research on the comparative institutional analysis of water governance in Monsoon Asian countries, including the development of the irrigation and domestic water supply system, the great variation of water availability during the dry seasons, the difficulty of enforcing the water agreement and the cropping calendar by law, and organizational coordination.
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