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An Assessment Of Water Resources With Regard To Environmental Sustainability

Congress: 2015
Author(s): Necati Gi¼lbahar (Istanbul), Necati Gi¼lbahar
Istanbul Gelisim University1

Keyword(s): Sub-theme 10: Management of water resources,
AbstractWater is a vital element for human and all other living things in the world. It is also the most critical element for agriculture, industry and energy. On the other hand, it is under great pressure due to growing population, food insufficiency, rapid industrialisation, lack of ener gy. It is clear that the climate change and global warming will worsen this situation. There fore, a rational plan containing all of the possibilities and limitations in a watershed should be prepared and put in the implementation. Thus, after collecting necessary data, land use planning and related infrastructural study should be carried out. Then, integrated watershed management covering total demand and supply to the resources concurrently can be app lied to meet all this requirements. These issues will be discussed and solutions alternatives presented in this paper. Key words: ecosystem, land use, infrastructural, possibilities
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